TRAVEL: Hanging Gardens of Babylon

August 25, 2008 – 7:37 pm

Hanging Gardens of BabylonTravel to Iraq
Hanging Gardens of Babylon is found in Iraq. It is also known as the Hanging Gardens of Semiramis. It is predicted that the gardens were built in 6 BC. Babylon King Nebuchadnezzar II built Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

There are speculations about the construction reason of such a place. The most known of these speculations is that: The king made it for one of the queens. The gardens were located as pyramids. Every part of these pyramid like gardens were covered with different trees and flowers. These trees and flowers were from all over the world. When they grew up, they covered the main building. Scenery like hanging trees and flowers appeared. So the name “Hanging” was given to it.

Amytis was the wife of king Nebuchadnezzar. The queen was from a fertile land, Mesopotamia. She was missing her motherland and king planned to build such a place to make her happy. These gardens made her not to miss her home. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon was claimed to be built for her.

Hanging Gardens of Semiramis name is also used. Semiramis is the queen of Assyria. She did not rule the kingdom much. However, a speculation claims that Semiramis built it so her name was given to the gardens.

When the gardens were first built, the terraces were empty. They were filled with earth. There were domes, columns and terraces. There was a watering system for every part of the gardens. Even the highest gardens were watered with the water of close rivers. The watering system was very original. First of all, the water was reaching to the highest point, and then it was carried to the lower parts. After that, every part was watered equally. That is one of the reasons why the gardens are so fertile and beautiful.

Babylon is an interesting historical city. It is the subject of many myths and stories. Indeed, the construction of the city is unusual. Babylon was surrounded by the walls. There were also terraces protecting the city. Lots of animal species, different plants were found in Babylon. There were temples and castles. The most famous spot of it was Tower of Babel. The mythological story of this tower tells that it was built to reach the God by people. People were so curious that they were punished by God. Before the construction of Tower of Babel, there was only a language so everyone was capable of understanding each other. With the idea of reaching God, he became very angry and gave different languages to every nation. That stopped the construction because no one understood each other.

With time, Babylon city lost its importance. Rushes and wars affected it negatively. It was conquered by different kingdoms. Nature also ruined the city Babylon. In 6 AD, the city was covered with sand and it was found only after excavations of 20th century. With excavations the ruins of Hanging Gardens of Babylon was also found.

Does Hanging Gardens of Babylon exist or is it just a Myth?
Hanging Gardens of Babylon did not totally reach our day. Time, nature and human being damaged it. With excavations, only some parts of it were found. All these features make people question whether these gardens existed or not. Hanging Gardens of Babylon theme was used in many literary works; there are even films about it. This contradiction of reality and imagination caused to examine the existence of gardens. However, its ruins can be seen today. It is also considered to be one of the wonders of the world.

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