Tips and Ways for Hair Lengthening

September 5, 2008 – 1:56 pm

Having healthy and long hair is the dream of everyone. However, lengthening hair is a difficult process. No matter how careful you are, your hair does not grow fast and problems may occur during this period. You want long and strong hair, but you do not know what to do. Here some tips and ways for hair lengthening:

Natural Ways for Hair Lengthening
It is a well known truth that trimming contributes the fast growing of your hair. With this way, split ends of hair go away and the case does not grow. If you do not pay attention to split ending hair, each hair split further. Your hair keeps on growing. But, it is weak and unhealthy. So you think that your hair does not grow at all. Briefly, trim your hair regularly.

There are some home made recipes for healthy hair lengthening. They are easy and useful. Washing your hair with tea is a common way for hair. Just add some boiled tea to your bathing water, brush your hair and clean. It gives brightness and strength to hair.

Another home made solution for hair lengthening is a mixture of black seed, sesame and egg yolk. Mix all these and apply to your hair. Then clean hair with warm water. This is a way that can be applied once in a week.

Mixture of black mulberry, egg and sesame oil is a natural way helping to hair growing. Apply this mixture to your hair every other day. Besides all these, it is a well known fact that almond oil is very effective on hair. If preparing all these mixture is difficult for you, just use almond oil. Brush your hair with oil and then clean.

There are indirect ways that contributes to the growing of hair. These are healthy diet, consumption of fresh fruit and vegetable, water, regular and adequate sleeping. Leading a life without stress is also essential. If you are stressful, the hormones affect hair content and growing. In addition to that, smoking affects hair lengthening negatively. Do not smoke.

The things made by hairdresser can make your hair look beautiful. But, these things can also give damage to your hair. The more you use such ways, the more your hair is damaged. So do not use such ways very frequently.

Other Ways for Hair Lengthening
There are many cosmetic productions for hair lengthening. Whether they are useful or not is still debatable. However, people use them. There are shampoos and conditioners used for this purpose. You can find a production suitable for you.

Brushing is a way for healthy hair lengthening. You may wonder what the relationship is between brushing and hair growing. However, there is a close relationship. If the brush you use is not suitable for your hair, it is in vain to try lengthening your hair. Be careful about your brush choice. Choose a soft and well designed brush. Otherwise, it gives damage to your hair.

There are some other artificial ways to make your hair long. If you do not want to wait for your hair growing, if there is a special event and you want to have long hair in this event, you can use hair apparatus. They are available in every hair store. Just choose a similar one to your normal hair and use it.

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  2. i have dry and weak as well as short hairs. i use head and shoulder shampoo and recently i have started a sunsilk conditioner with it but i havnt felt any changes. so u plzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me what i do?

    By zubair on Sep 18, 2010

  3. i have dry and weak as well as short hairs. i use head and shoulder shampoo and recently i have started a conditioner which is sunsilk. i have found no changes.u plzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me how i can cure it?

    By zubair on Sep 18, 2010

  4. My boyfriend smokes and his hair grows like 10billion times faster than mine.

    By syndicate on Feb 1, 2012

  5. hellow my name is sally ihave avery dry and short hair and and ineed acomplete solution ijust want my hair to grow to the maximum what ican do and what ineed names of an oil and shampoo for this.

    By sally on Jun 13, 2012

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