MUSIC: New album by Mudvayne: The New Game

November 17, 2008 – 3:23 pm

A Metal Band: Mudvayne
Mudvayne is an American originated metal band. Group members are Greg Tribbett, Chad Gray, Ryan Martinie and Matthew McDonough. The major genre of the band Mudvayne is metal. However, they deal with different types of metal. Heavy metal, nu metal, alternative metal and groove metal are the genres of Mudvayne group. These various styles make the band a popular music group.


The band Mudvayne was established in 1996. They are active since this date. Up to now Mudvayne released three studio albums. These albums are L.D. 50, The End of All Things to Come and Lost and Found. The fourth album of metal band Mudvayne is on the way. Upcoming album of Mudvayne is titled as “The New Game”.

Metal band Mudvayne won MTV Video Music Awards and MTV2 Awards. In addition to these, the band was nominated for some other important music awards.

The Latest Album of Mudvayne: The New Game
Mudvayne released three studio albums. Their fourth album is “The New Game”. The album will be released on November 18, 2008. There are eleven songs in the album. The names and lengths of them are:

1. “Fish Out of Water” – 3:30
2. “Do What You Do” – 3:36
3. “A New Game” – 5:03
4. “Have it Your Way” – 3:45
5. “A Cinderella Story” – 4:40
6. “The Hate in Me” – 3:22
7. “Scarlet Letters” – 3:56
8. “Dull Boy” – 4:14
9. “Same Ol” – 4:49
10. “Never Enough” – 3:39
11. “We the People” – 3:07

“The New Game” will be released under the label of Epic. Producer of the latest Mudvayne album “The New Game” is Dave Fortman. It is an album waited in the music world in this November. The genre used in the album The New Game is alternative metal dominantly.

Two singles were released to promote and support the album release. These songs are “Do What You Do” and “Scarlett Letters”. The first one was released in this September. The recording period of the latest Mudvayne album “The New Game” was quite long. Group members have worked since 2007 summer. This increases the expectations of people as it is an album of hard and long work. A rock and roll impact on the album is waited. This is another interesting point of the upcoming album of the band Mudvayne.

Along with singing the songs, group members of Mudvayne played the musical instruments. Matthew McDonough played drums, Greg Tribbett played guitars, Ryan Martinie played bass and Chad Gray is one of the vocals.

Downloading some sample parts and songs on some internet sites are possible. In addition to this, preordering the latest Mudvayne album “The New Game” on their official page is possible. The band Mudvayne is expected to organize a world wide tour after the release of The New Game. The tour program includes Seattle, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Kansas City and many other points. If you want to follow the band, album “The New Game” and other things related to Mudvayne, following their schedule is the best way.
For further information visit official page of Mudvayne.

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