Major Types of Stress

September 6, 2008 – 1:32 pm

It is impossible to live a stress free life. In fact, all the people would probably experience many different types of stress throughout the life. The events that cause stress are called stressors.

 Stress can affect the person’s both body and mind and the effects of the stress are different for different people. It is important to know what the main sources of the stress are in your daily life and then you should learn how to manage stress. So you can keep stress under control. There are six main types of stress that are experienced by people.


Here are some common types of stress.

This type of stress is experienced by people who are bored. Sufferers of hypo-stress generally work in an unchallenging job and perform the same task everyday. So they feel constantly unmotivated and unhappy. This condition decreases the productivity of the people after a while they begin to gain weight. It causes lack of motivation and feelings of loneliness. If it is not diagnosed, it can lead to turn depression or other physical illnesses in a short time.

It is the opposite of hypo stress and a type of negative stress. Overloaded or overwork cause this type of stress. If a person is working beyond your limit, she/he can experience hyper-stress. So employees should take some precautions to reduce hyper-stress in working environment.

It is the negative type of stress. It results from some events such as death of a loved one, family problems, chronic illnesses, heavy work responsibility, financial problems. If it is not treated early enough, it can lead to chronic stress. The symptoms of this type of stress are high blood pressure, loss interest in their appearance, eating disorders, serious heart problems and the like.

Eustress (Good Stress)
Eustress is the positive type of stress that increases creativity, physical performance, enthusiasm and energy. Some events and experiences motivate people and increase their productivity. We can say that it is a healthy type of stress and the opposite of distress. For instance when an athlete is just about to run, this type of stress occurs.

Acute Stress
It is one of the intense types of stress. Acute stress is a reaction of the body to threat and this reaction is a sudden response to the threat. This condition changes hormone levels. After the acute threat has passed, the hormone levels turn to the normal level. Stressors are short term.
Some common stressors include: Danger, noise, infection and the like.

Chronic Stress
This is the worst type of stress that a person experience and so difficult to treat. It increases blood pressure and heart rate. Family problems, marriage difficulties, job stress, loneliness can cause chronic stress. If stressors affect the person for a long time, stress becomes chronic and if this type of stress is not treated, it can cause serious complications.

Other Types of Stress:
– Teen Stress
– Work stress
– Oxidative Stress
– Job Stress
– Post Traumatic Stress
– Emotional Stress



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  2. This is good information,but could you please tell me the major types of stress? What is the difference between Chronic,acute stress and eustress and distress? is chronic stress a type of stress or a stage or degree of stress,please help me,thanks.

    By Lambert on Feb 6, 2009

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