Good luck superstitions and bad luck superstitions

June 21, 2008 – 1:19 am

Do you believe in superstitions?

Good luck superstitionsThousands of people believe in superstitions although a lot off people think of them as nonsense and not based on reason. Where does the word “superstition” come from? The word superstition comes from two Latin words: “Super’’ and “Stare”. Super means above and stare means to stand.

We know that the source of the superstitions is ignorance. Do you know anyone who does not have a superstition? Most of the people, more or less, believe in them. Even though they deny superstitions, they can not help believing in them. They are superstitious. Unfortunately, we have hundreds of superstitions. Superstitions are all around the world. They change from culture to culture and they have a big influence in our lives.

There are two types of superstition. Good luck superstitions and bad luck superstitions.

Some common superstitions around the world:

Good luck superstitions

– If your right hand itches, you will earn money.

– If you find a four-leaf clover, you will have good luck.

– If you see a horseshoe which was lost, you will have good luck.

– If you throw rice on a new bride and groom, they will have so many children.

– If you dream about a white cat, you will have good luck.

– If you see a black cat which walks towards you, it brings you good luck.

– If your right ear itches, someone is speaking well of you.

– You can hang up garlic in your house for good luck.

– If you put a mirror just across the door, you will have good luck.

– If you put the sugar into the cup first, before the tea, you will have good luck.

– If you step on your shadow, it brings you good luck.

– If you catch a falling leaf on the first day of autumn, you will have good luck all winter.

– If you blow out all the candles on your birthday cake in one blow, you will get whatever you want.

– If the first butterfly you see in the year is white, it brings you good luck all year.

– If a girl drinks salty water then goes to sleep, she will see her future husband in her dream.

Bad luck superstitions

– If you open an umbrella indoors, it brings you bad luck.

– If you sleep with your feet towards the door, a nightwalker will steal your soul.

– If you whistle at night, a nightwalker will come to your home.

– When a cat sneezes three times indoors, it will rain in 24 hours.

– If you dream about a dog, you will have a lot of enemies.

– If you break a mirror, it will bring you seven years of bad luck.

– If an owl hoots in your garden, it brings you bad luck.

– If you walk under a ladder, you will have bad luck.

– If you kill an albatross, it brings you bad luck.

– If you sleep on a table, you will have bad luck.

– If a dog howls at night, death is near.

– If you see a bird that comes towards you, you will have bad luck.

– If you drop a dishcloth, you will have bad luck.

– If you eat from the pot, it will rain at your wedding ceremony.

– If you start a trip on Friday, you will meet misfortune.

– If your left hand itches, you will lose money.

Do you know some good or bad luck superstations, which weren’t listed above? Please write them as a comment.

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  2. If a black cat crosses the road in front of you, you will have bad luck

    By Bad luck superstition on Jun 23, 2008

  3. If you dream you fall off a donkey and hit the ground, you will die

    By bad luck on Aug 3, 2008

  4. Friday the 13th brings you bad luck :)

    By friday 13th on Aug 11, 2008

  5. Full moon is bringing some people bad and some people good luck… But I guess it is mostly bad luck warning

    By full moon on Aug 11, 2008

  6. If you in the river themes n your on a ship, if the tower of london come and you wave at it and someone waves back at you, you will get 5 years of good luck!!!

    By tayyaba on Nov 11, 2008

  7. If you have a owl in your garden is this good or bad luck?

    By mv on Nov 18, 2008

  8. 1.if you have you have a booger sticking out on your left nostril then you will have good luck.
    2.if your right nostril whistles then you will have bad luck

    By jackiechan444` on Nov 27, 2008

  9. If you sleep in midnoon you will grow taller

    By JmH on Dec 7, 2008

  10. If you dream about Sweden’s lying in your backyard, you’ll find money on the street

    If you see a bunny going into his hollow, you will have good luck for 3 hours.

    If you believe what’s standing above this, you’ll have bad luck, because I considered it.

    By 비밀 on Jan 8, 2009

  11. if you see a black cat it will either give U HORIBLE luck or bad luck.

    By Mia on Jan 10, 2009

  12. If U find a penny head side up it will give U good luck.

    By Elena on Jan 10, 2009

  13. if you hear 3 farts in one hour, bad luck will come to you.
    if you kill a roach with a mirror, the roach will see itself as it dies and eat out your soul.
    if you eat a pumpkin seed, you will be given money from a distant relative.
    if three friends are fighting, death with come on swift wings for your canary.

    By millicent ules on Jan 19, 2009

  14. if you sneeze 3 times in a row , someone is talking bad things about you :(

    By christina on Feb 15, 2009

  15. if u were born at friday d 13, u are a lucky person
    i did

    By jinx on Feb 22, 2009

  16. if you dream about someone dying someone is getting married if you dream about someone getting married someone is and or dying

    By heather on Mar 14, 2009

  17. this mess is fake

    By shermaine on Mar 18, 2009

  18. is giving your boyfriend a watch for his bday badluck… if so how do you get rid of it??

    By Rioghnach on Apr 6, 2009

  19. the 8th, 13th, and 18th are the worst days in any month. you will have bad luck in most of things you do.

    By don't know on Apr 13, 2009

  20. If someone is walking in front of you and you hit their leg that means you will get in a fight that person. To avoid this, shake their hand.

    By Alice on Apr 23, 2009

  21. Wha is the meaning of having a falcon touch your left ear flying from behind, and then stop in front of you and watched directly into your eyes

    By Patrick Roggiero on Jun 5, 2009

  22. beying in rain can get rid of bad luck but it takes a little time

    also if you go to the church and you get blessing water and you puts crosses all over you somtimes it can get rid of bad luck.

    .if you draw a unbrela somtimes it can give you bad luck

    .if you open am unbrela with out stumping on rain it can give you bad luck.

    .also when a porsen opens a unbrela infront of you you can get bad luck

    .when creepy things happen that can be bad luck.

    By toMMy\toMMito(sMith) on Aug 3, 2009

  23. If you spill salt, you will get bad luck

    By Hazel on Aug 15, 2009

  24. why is friday 13th lucky or unluckyfor some people?

    By niloofar on Sep 6, 2009

  25. If you touch glass while going over railroad’ll have good luck.
    If you step on a sewer’ll have bad luck.

    By Tiarah on Sep 18, 2009

  26. If you eat BEFORE taking a shower you will have bad luck.

    If you spill salt (you might know this)it is bad luck,but you can get rid of it by throwing pepper over your shoulder.

    By Adrian on Oct 2, 2009

  27. evil can’t harm you when you stand ina circle

    break a bad spell by turning 7 times in a clockwise circle

    By :'') on Oct 12, 2009

  28. if u read the above messages on superstions u will fail in ur life

    By neenu on Oct 28, 2009

  29. put a horseshoe over ur doorknob like a n it will bring u good luck

    By erick on Nov 3, 2009

  30. Friday the 13th is unlucky for someone because of the Night’s Templar stories.
    First, I’ll just say that every culture has a different belief. Some countries don’t care about Friday the thirteenth, or even the NUMBER 13 for that matter. They maay have a completely different number–or for all we know, an unliucky letter.
    Anyway, like I was saying, Friday the 13th is “unlucky” b/c the Night’s Templar went back on what they had a deal on with a king and killed many people. —below is from the link–
    “Witches’ Sabbath.”[12]
    Another theory about the origin of the superstition traces the event to the arrest of the legendary Knights Templar. According to one expert:

    The Knights Templar were a monastic military order founded in Jerusalem in 1118 C.E., whose mission was to protect Christian pilgrims during the Crusades. Over the next two centuries, the Knights Templar became extraordinarily powerful and wealthy. Threatened by that power and eager to acquire their wealth, King Philip secretly ordered the mass arrest of all the Knights Templar in France on Friday, October 13, 1307 – Friday the 13th.[5]
    The connection between the superstition and the Knights Templar was popularized in the 2003 novel The Da Vinci Code. However, some experts think that it is relatively recent and is a modern-day invention.[10][4][9] For example, the superstition is rarely found before the 20th century, when it became extremely common. One author, noting that references are all but nonexistent before 1907 but frequently seen thereafter, has argued that its popularity derives from the publication that year of Thomas W. Lawson’s popular novel Friday, the Thirteenth,[13] in which an unscrupulous broker takes advantage of the superstition to create a Wall Street panic on a Friday the 13th.[5]

    A further theory goes back to a combination of Paganism, Christianity, and the Battle of Hastings. For many, the number 13 was considered a lucky number (such as 13 lunar cycles each year), but with the efforts of Christianity attempting to degrade all things Pagan, they promoted 13 as an unlucky number, with Friday thus also being considered a bad day of the week. However, on Friday the 13th of October 1066, the decision was made by King Harold II to go to battle on Saturday the 14th of October, rather than allow his troops a day of rest (despite his army having made a long and arduous march from a battle near York just 3 weeks earlier). This decision in going to battle before the English troops were rested (the English lost and King Harold was killed), further established Friday the 13th as an unlucky day.

    In some other countries, instead of Friday, it is considered bad luck Tuesday the 13th. (Spain [1], Greece, Latin America). For example, the Fall of Constantinople, when the city fell to the Ottomans (a fact which marked the end of the Byzantine Empire), happened Tuesday, May 29, 1453, and is why Greeks consider Tuesday to be an unlucky day. In Italy it is on Friday the 17th.

    Some others..
    If you come across a pig in Germany, I think it’s good luck. I would name him bacon- though that might give you bad luck…
    Stepping on cracks in the sidewalk– is quite debatable
    If you dream about a green monkey, it brings bad luck as it means you;ll soon get sick
    If you believe you will have good luck, you will have good luck.
    if the groom sees a bride’s dress befor the wedding begins, it’s bad luck upon their marriage.
    Astronauts play a game of cards before they go on the space shuttle as good luck (so everything goes well).
    They also shake hands with everyone on staff as good luck so that everything goes well.

    By Sky on Nov 9, 2009

  31. why is stepping on a sewer drain bad luck? I heard if you rub your knee after stepping on 3, it’ll make the bad luck go away…

    By Sky on Nov 9, 2009

  32. why you guys believe this? this is all lies i try ed all the bad luck nothing happened in fact i tryed them in exams but nothing happened i tryed good luck nothing happened too its all lies theres no such thing as luck good or bad theres no such thing i dont believe in luck my naster never believedin luck hes one of the greastest masters ever if you want good stuff to happen then you have to work on it! hard! nothing comes to you you go to it to get it by your work not good lucks work hope its helped

    By moe on Nov 18, 2009

  33. If you join the European Union, your country will experience a major economic upturn.

    By Boaz on Dec 22, 2009

  34. HAHAHA…. Boaz, good one :) Very common superstition aboud European Union :)

    By Chris on Dec 22, 2009

  35. some are true and some are not true..
    if you drive over a dead black cat, it bad luck
    if you dream of someone dying,he/ she will live longer..
    if your lower eye twitch u wil cry
    the upper one, you will see something good

    By samira on Dec 28, 2009

  36. if u wake up with your left foot that brings u bad luck

    By bad luck on Dec 30, 2009

  37. If you Borrow salt it is very bad luck unless you cross the lenders hand with a silver coin.

    The Borrower of the salt will be poor that year if they don’t return the salt or pay with a silver coin.

    the Lender will be prosperous if they receive a silver coin from the borrower if no silver coin is received they too will be poor for that year.

    By Addy on Jan 3, 2010

  38. “Friday 13th is unlucky for some. The risk of hospital
    admission as a result of a transport accident may be
    increased by as much as 52 percent. Staying at home
    is recommended.”

    LEGEND HAS IT: If 13 people sit down to dinner together,
    one will die within the year. The Turks so disliked the
    number 13 that it was practically expunged from their
    vocabulary (Brewer, 1894). Many cities do not have a
    13th Street or a 13th Avenue. Many buildings don’t have a
    13th floor. If you have 13 letters in your name, you will
    have the devil’s luck (Jack the Ripper, Charles Manson,
    Jeffrey Dahmer, Theodore Bundy and Albert De Salvo all
    have 13 letters in their names). There are 13 witches
    in a coven.

    LEGEND HAS IT: Never change your bed on Friday; it will
    bring bad dreams. Don’t start a trip on Friday or you
    will have misfortune. If you cut your nails on Friday,
    you cut them for sorrow. Ships that set sail on a Friday
    will have bad luck – as in the tale of H.M.S. Friday …
    One hundred years ago, the British government sought to
    quell once and for all the widespread superstition
    among seamen that setting sail on Fridays was unlucky.
    A special ship was commissioned, named “H.M.S. Friday.”
    They laid her keel on a Friday, launched her on a Friday,
    selected her crew on a Friday and hired a man named Jim
    Friday to be her captain. To top it off, H.M.S. Friday
    embarked on her maiden voyage on a Friday, and was never
    seen or heard from again.

    On October 13, 1307, a day so infamous that Friday the
    13th would become a synonym for ill fortune, officers
    of King Philip IV of France carried out mass arrests
    in a well-coordinated dawn raid that left several thousand
    Templars — knights, sergeants, priests, and serving
    brethren — in chains, charged with heresy, blasphemy,
    various obscenities, and homosexual practices. None
    of these charges was ever proven, even in France — and
    the Order was found innocent elsewhere — but in the seven
    years following the arrests, hundreds of Templars suffered
    excruciating tortures intended to force “confessions,”
    and more than a hundred died under torture or were executed
    by burning at the stake.


    triskaidekaphobia- the fear of the number 13

    Because it was the day of our Lord’s crucifixion; it is
    accordingly a fast-day in the Roman Catholic Church.
    Soames says, “Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit on
    a Friday, and died on a Friday.”

    By ashoo on Jan 4, 2010

  39. If you believe in superstitions, you will have bad luck.

    By kaph on Jan 12, 2010

  40. If you cut baby`s hair before their first year of age they will not talk…

    By Kevin on Jan 23, 2010

  41. if you wash your clothes on friday it reduce your many and salary

    By sandra on Feb 8, 2010

  42. If you kill a frog, it will be rainy soon.

    If you spill salt, you will get bad luck.

    If a futeral car passes, you should hide your thumb.

    If you right hand itches, you will earn money.

    If swallons are flying low to the ground it will soon rain.

    By olivia on Mar 14, 2010

  43. If you hear seven dungbeetles whistling Minuet In G your left eyebrow will fall out in fifty-two hours.

    By nick on Mar 24, 2010

  44. If you see a monkey, you lose sight of it because an antelope is in the way, and the monkey is gone when the antelope leaves, you will never see an angel in your life unless if you eat lima beans on friday the 13th.

    By Josh Ninlson on Mar 29, 2010

  45. i think that if you put new shoes on the table youwill have bad luck (dont do it if you do poor lassy or lad)<3

    By samantha on May 3, 2010

  46. every time i drop a knife ,it always land with the sharp side up.. do this have a meaning? if some knows please tell me..

    By carrol on Jul 8, 2010

  47. you are all ridiculous. these are the dumbest things ive ever heard.

    By richard on Aug 13, 2010

  48. if u like someone,and u c dem on friday 13th(black friday)u will loose dis person 4rever(which means bad luck)……….

    By viola on Aug 13, 2010

  49. i am finding a dead mouse on my way to work
    is it some signal

    By hemant on Aug 21, 2010

  50. if a spider comes into your home it is good luck…to kill it bad luck

    By kat on Sep 17, 2010

  51. Never drive a nail after sunset
    Never add on to the back of a house
    Always enter and leave a building by the same door
    Never rock an empty chair

    By Dave on Sep 17, 2010

  52. if you see 1 magpie it is said you will have bad luck remember this rhyme 1 for sorrow 2 for joy 3 for a girl 4 for a boy 5 for silver 6 for gold 7 for a secret never to be told.

    By singh on Sep 28, 2010

  53. What if you are born on Friday the 13th…your mom went into labor during the first initial showing of “Friday the 13th” in 1980…but luckiest day is Friday the 13th

    By stephanie on Oct 4, 2010

  54. it mean that the knife is heavy on the side with the handle

    By tyler on Oct 20, 2010

  55. If you kill a spider indoors, it will rain.

    By Jerry on Nov 24, 2010

  56. hi everyone!
    i dont believe in such things but i am so confused that i m starting to believe or give up life sucks ..always have..dont know house is 13th and my whole family has been so unlucky..its like a curse passing down ..i thought its just a myth and i m trying so hard to break that by not believing such things and trying more harder in failure..but seems like thers a fore universe that wouldnot ever let us go forward not even a bit step..and i have so many reasons..
    whatever i say or do its always exactly the opposite…if i say good things or do or even just think or try harder and hope then its always bad(i mean i dont want my life to be easy..but i just want a broken bridge so that i can crawl on my own or hang on the side and cross the river..)but problem with us is that there will always and never be any bridge at all..just stay at one side and look..cant jump .we always try to build our own bridge but never works)..and lost hope,,if i say bad things or do then it’s obisously bad..

    someone what’s going on….screw us(unlucky family)

    By unlucky us on Nov 26, 2010

  57. ok people if you are gonna diss what people want to believe and what they don’t will you please leave!! It is stupid that you are triing to tell people what to believe….to those of you who claim to have tried these superstitions yeah sure not all of them are true i will give you that much but i don’t think it is right for you to say that all of them don’t fit the quota!! O.k!! Thanks and good bye! :)

    By rosepetals123123 on Dec 11, 2010

  58. if you dream you’re falling,drowning, or fighting to survive in anyway, you will have good luck because you’ll now be on gaurd! true? Oh yeah baby!

    By middleton on Dec 24, 2010

  59. Carrol The same thing happend to my Grandad every time he dropped a knife it landed on the sharp side one day he died because a knife dropped down on to his hand when the police investigated the knife was pointing up.

    By Ruby on Jan 5, 2011

  60. when u have bad luck with you then never happy moment come in your life throughout

    By prashant on Jan 8, 2011

  61. Carrol, its like bread, it has more weight on it.
    If you believe in superstitions, you get both good and bad luck depending on which of these you heard.
    I hear there the one where you step on them 3 pavement things that have some sort of pipe under them, you get bad luck. I dont it today ACCIDENTLY and i ended up stamping in dog shit, and went swimming and ended up getting soap in my eye while washing.

    By Ben on Jan 13, 2011

  62. if you see A spider spinning in the morning it brings good luck

    By joe on Feb 3, 2011

  63. If you keep a love bird at your house it brings you bad luck.

    Owel brings bad luck.

    keeping a pigeon at home is unlucky for some people.

    Number 13 brings bad luck.
    Number 7 brings good luck.
    Peacocks bring good luck.
    Gold fish brings good luck.

    By sheida on Feb 4, 2011

  64. if you spill salt you will have bad luck but if you pour a little in your right hand and throught it over your left should it will erase the ball luck

    By buba on Mar 2, 2011


    By mojoo on Mar 5, 2011

  66. See dead mouse in dream pls reply

    By Pooja on Apr 6, 2011

  67. it is not true that u will lose money if ur left hand itches! my left hand was itchy one day and i found 20 buck….honest :)

    By anna on Apr 7, 2011

  68. If U Lay A Hat On The Bed It Is Bad Luck

    By zaria on Apr 23, 2011

  69. Carrol, how often do you drop knives?? and i`d say bad luck. dropping anything sharp is probably bad. also, stepping on a tack id bad luck.

    By jdog on Apr 24, 2011

  70. i am so scared that a night walker will come cos my feet are always towards the door when i am asleep

    By superstitious on Apr 30, 2011

  71. If a bird poo’s on you it will bring good luck :)

    By Rosee on May 10, 2011

  72. If you step on a crack it breaks your mums back :(

    By Rosee on May 10, 2011

  73. there r alot of things that give bad and good luck omg black cats are bad luck i want to know y lol peace

    By nicholas on May 14, 2011

  74. i know knife thing sharp side means bad luck (1 day) not sharp means nothing no good or bad

    By tommy on May 16, 2011

  75. i always have good luck i have a gold fish then

    By tommy on May 17, 2011

  76. if u close a knife after someone opened it u will have bad luck

    By cheyanne on Jun 3, 2011

  77. if you step in dog poo or cat poo you will have 8 years or more bad luck

    By faye on Jun 3, 2011

  78. if you see a bird poo on your friend you will have 2 years bad luck

    By faye on Jun 3, 2011

  79. if you slip on a banana peal you will have 9 years bad luck

    and im fayes sisster

    By erin on Jun 3, 2011

  80. if you dream about a dog is good luck if you see a black cat pass your path you have lots of black cats i hate cat.
    1 im alrgic.
    2 theygive you bad luck.
    they look so cute renember #1 rason)

    By tori on Jun 13, 2011

  81. If a lady bug lands on you. You will have good luck. When your neighbor gives you a plate of food.its bad luck to returned it clean. If you lie a new born on a table it is bad luck. Sweeping when the sun is down is bad luck.yoir sweeping away your good luck. if someone is sweeping and your feet is swept bad luck you will become a widow. Bad luck when your getting married before the ceremony. Meeting with your groom or bride.

    By Ashley on Jul 14, 2011

  82. if you lift up your feet from the floor & put your hands up in the air while in a car, it brings you good luck.

    By bre on Jul 27, 2011


    By saniya on Aug 4, 2011

  84. this is stupid because i opened an umbrella and it did nothin and it was black and people say when it is black it brings u bad luck and it doesnt so dont liesen to them

    By faith on Aug 5, 2011

  85. if you walk under a sign without putting your handsover your head you have bad luck

    By eva on Aug 19, 2011

  86. no:#10 is lucky

    By eva on Aug 19, 2011

  87. If u step on ants it brings rain ……………

    By ilovemolly on Aug 22, 2011

  88. i fond 2 4 leaf clovere is it bad luck or good luck?

    By marie on Aug 22, 2011

  89. if you clip your toenails at night you will not see your parents death

    By antman on Aug 30, 2011

  90. if you are right handed, then it is good luck to hold things in your left hand, and if you are left handed, then it is good luck to hold things in your right hand.

    By Suzy on Sep 4, 2011

  91. its good luck when u think of good things and
    vice-versa .
    be cooooooool and think of good things all time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By sherin shruthi on Sep 4, 2011

  92. If you hear 5 girls fart on you, you will have good luck.

    If you hear 10 girls fart on someone, they will have bad luck.

    By Alex on Sep 8, 2011

  93. if a frog enters ur room then is it a good luck or badluck

    By kareena on Sep 9, 2011

  94. Be Happy….It gives you all the good luck of the world

    By vani on Sep 16, 2011

  95. if your first motorboat ends up leading to sex then its good luck :d

    By Andy Samberg on Sep 16, 2011

  96. Don’t cut you nails before a trip.

    By Turk Paramore on Sep 17, 2011

  97. if yur big right toe is itchy yu will gt money from yur dad the in the nxt 5 hours.

    By leeyang on Sep 22, 2011

  98. If a black crow is in your house and all the windows are shut then it meens someone in your family or friends have died.

    By Emily on Sep 25, 2011

  99. if a frog enters the room it is very good luck

    By 12345bevo on Oct 1, 2011

  100. I had hung a small round mirror in my bed room. I went to visit another country for few days. I returned back I saw the mirror broke due to some bad storm the night before I returned back. What happened after 3 months my dad died all of a sudden due to heart attack.. My too died the next year after my dad’s death.. then we kept on facing some bad luck off an on for some years.. I believe if a mirror breaks it does brings bad luck.. I take great care now while hanging the mirrors or the walls…and am scarred of mirrors

    By Tina on Oct 16, 2011

  101. if you eat an omelet on sunday 4 break fast u would have gud luck

    By olamide on Oct 19, 2011

  102. hey guys, i do believe in superstitions, but i have a delema. last night and like 3 nights ago i dreamed of money. Not just like any dream of me seeing my self from far away, but i had my purse with me and my fiance gave me a lot of money to put up in my purse. It was a bunch of 20 dollar bills and two 5 dollar bills. and so when i was going to put it up in my purse, i opened it and saw MORE MONEY!! and they were all 20 dollar bills!! so does this mean i’m gonna have good or bad luck?

    By iliana on Oct 25, 2011

  103. If u were skinny jeans on Tuesday’s its bad luck
    If u were any type of running shoes on Wednesday u will have good luck no joke i happened to me that’s wat my grandpa said

    By neaveh on Oct 27, 2011

  104. u r all full of it theres no such thing as bad luck

    By 123456 on Oct 27, 2011

  105. Don’t walk backwards out a door.


    By DeStorm on Nov 9, 2011

  106. If you say hi to a black cow and it looks at you at follows you, you will have good luck

    By vivian on Nov 18, 2011

  107. If you say hi to a black cow and it looks at you and follows you, you will have good luck

    By xxxicecreamxxx28090 on Nov 18, 2011

  108. I think if we are in luv we are lucky

    By Pravesh on Nov 22, 2011

  109. Good luck- Wearing brand new clothes on Easter. Bad luck- Spotting a single magpie.

    By Sapphire on Nov 26, 2011

  110. if u step on a crack u will break your mothers back

    By dylan on Nov 26, 2011

  111. If you wash your hair on a Monday, it will be shiny.

    By Ginny on Dec 6, 2011

  112. Also, if your groom sees you a few hours before a wedding then you will have bad luck, or something like that.

    By Sarah on Dec 19, 2011

  113. If you dream about teeth in anyway espically falling out it means death it’s true!!!!!! 😀 😀

    By 19991810 on Jan 12, 2012

  114. none of these are true. if your gonna have bad luck its not because of a superstition. its because your stupid and did soething stupid.. good luck and stuff comes to those who wait

    By Katlynn on Jan 13, 2012

  115. quit posting things i always do this bad luck thing and it never works

    By aksl2309 on Jan 13, 2012

  116. occasionally i see ( or think i see ) a ghost cat, but it looks white… does that mean anything?

    By jdog on Jan 13, 2012

  117. I believe in luck because once I found I four leafed clover, but this other girl found one too, and everyone was fussing over her, so I got jelous and wished she would lose hers, and a few moments later, she ran outside crying saying it had gone! i felt so guilty.
    If a bird poos on you, you get good luck
    If you put new shoes on the table you get bad luck.

    By Izzy on Jan 16, 2012

  118. It is said that if u sleep your leg facing the door and your head facing the window u will have bad luck
    I have it before and my sister said she saw a gho…..I was frightened that day and I would never ever sleep that way ever again.

    By May1254 on Jan 23, 2012

  119. If you bite you tongue when you are not eating, means someone is talking bad about you.

    By 911 on Jan 23, 2012

  120. If you have peper in your eyes, stand on your bare feet and pour cold water on both feet. It works. Fact.

    By 911 on Jan 23, 2012

  121. i love friday the 13 and u should to and another bad luck is if a crow follows you than that crow is a witch or dark side of magic! :] get your scare on!!!!

    By alexis on Jan 24, 2012

  122. If you cut your hair during a storm its good luck.
    If you cut your hair on Sunday it’s bad luck.

    By Some Peep Named Bob on Jan 25, 2012

  123. If u write ur boy/girl friend or husbands name on your body u will break up

    By brianna on Jan 27, 2012

  124. its bad luck to kill a black cricket

    By brianna on Jan 27, 2012

  125. if you die you die

    By Rex Ryan on Jan 28, 2012

  126. I like pie not turnips this is so fun

    By Turnips rule on Jan 28, 2012

  127. It is all a load of crap saying this will bring u good luck and that will bring u bad luck it is all in ur head how the hell can u have bad luck if u eat before u shower so we have to change our life styles based on every opinion of good luck and bad luck get real!!!!!!!

    By wiser on Feb 2, 2012

  128. If a woman stops giving head, she will have a terrible relationship with her mate

    By True Boy on Feb 3, 2012

  129. if you drop a dollar you will spend all your money you have in your pockets with out knowing were it went

    By Paul on Feb 4, 2012

  130. If you sneeze in the morning, you will have a bad day a head of you

    By Sneeze on Feb 10, 2012

  131. “Find a penny, pick it up. And all day, you’ll have good luck!”

    Step on a crack, break your Mother’s back.

    If you sneeze 3 times sequentially, it’s good luck.

    If it rains on your wedding day, it’s good luck.

    It is bad luck to breathe, while passing a cemetery.

    When a team’s fans wear their baseball caps inside-out and backward (called a rally cap) when their team is losing, that team will rally to make a comeback and win the game.

    Breaking the wishbone after eating a bird (Two people hold either end, the person that gets the larger end when it breaks will have their wish come true).

    DISCLAIMER: These are called “superstitions” for a reason. I don’t believe any of them to be true, I just have heard them since I was young and I think they’re fun. So to all the critics: Relax and don’t take these so seriously.

    By Tom on Feb 13, 2012

  132. I don’t believe in them but I’ve heard if you leave your shoes on a table it will bring bad luck!

    By Rebecca on Feb 29, 2012

  133. If you leave legos about where people walk barefoot, it is the worst luck anyone can have.
    shouldn’t take much thinking to figure out way :}

    By hurrdurr on Mar 27, 2012

  134. If you find a penny heads up you will have good luck!

    By cmc on Mar 31, 2012

  135. If you play chess and all your left pieces are captured, it is bad luck.

    By scienceguyz on Apr 2, 2012

  136. if yuh fall off of a cliff in your dreams and yuh hit the qround,then yuh will shortly die!:O

    By emery w.b.c. on Apr 2, 2012

  137. According to japanese people, the number 4 is bad luck. If ur born in april, u will be cursed ur whole life. Avoid the number 4 or oni (a demon devil creature) will steal your soul.

    By Ty on Apr 13, 2012

  138. if you light three cigarettes with the same match it is bad luck.

    By matt on Apr 14, 2012

  139. If you crack a walnut in front of Walmart it is bad luck. You must kiss the greeters elbow to reverse it.

    By matt on Apr 14, 2012

  140. If you wipe your butt many times without flushing it will bring bad luck.

    By matt on Apr 14, 2012

  141. Splitting the pole gives you bad luch ;(

    By Gabi on Apr 22, 2012

  142. if your dsi turns of before you turn it on. it`s badluck
    if you charged your dsi before you turn it of,you have lot`s of diseses

    By jazminpear on Apr 29, 2012

  143. If you pick up a penny on heads and keep it, you’ll have good luck for the day. If you pick up a penny on tails, you have to give it to somebody else and you & them will have good luck. If you keep a jar of pennies in your kitchen, it’s good luck. If you have elephant figurines facing your front door with the trunks upwards, it’s good luck. If you have a Native American dreamcatcher hanging above your bed, you won’t have bad dreams. Now these are the ones that does seem to work for me (I’d swear by it).

    By Dee on May 12, 2012

  144. When I listen to a song that sounds hateful of sadness on the bus does that mean I have bad luck for the day?

    By Sparklyghost on May 19, 2012

  145. hey! is there any body out there who knows any superstitions about the green mantis. if there is any? can you please explain what it means when it looks at you and you see it all the time.

    By $$ on May 30, 2012

  146. a bird shitted on me ever since then it has braught me bad luck oh why

    By aly wally on Jun 8, 2012

  147. if you see a bird fliy into a closed window , it will bring death to a family member

    old italian superstition my grandma told me .

    By sara on Jun 13, 2012

  148. I am from russia , and I only heard about ‘If a dog howls at night, death is near’, the only one I v heard in my childhood. Still confusing for me when everyone tells me off for opening the umbrella inside:-))))

    By Jay on Jun 14, 2012

  149. luck is good for some people

    By megan on Oct 14, 2014

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